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Social Networks 101: LinkedIn for Businesses

This is the third in a four-part series that will offer a brief look into the basics of social networks for businesses. Think it’s time for your business to make the leap onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube but not sure where to start? Read on.

Most people use social networks to stalk stay up-to-date with the goings-on of friends, family and acquaintances. But LinkedIn users (for the most part) put their professional faces on, use proper grammar and connect with the coworkers and professionals who may make them weary on Facebook.

How can my business use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most specialized of the four largest social networks. It’s a place for colleagues to connect and for job seekers to virtually network with those in their desired industry.

As of November 2011, there were 135 million LinkedIn users, and 75 of the Fortune 100 companies were using LinkedIn’s recruitment services.

Social networks 101: LinkedIn for Business

Get Connected with LinkedIn, Source:

By creating a presence on LinkedIn, your business will have the unique opportunity to educate potential employees, business partners and the general public about your company, services and job opportunities. And, as the job board of the future, LinkedIn can serve as an incredible resource as you seek out new talent to join your team.

With a little strategy and thoughtful implementation, you can leverage all that LinkedIn has to offer.

Get your business started on LinkedIn:

1. Create a company page. Using your personal LinkedIn page, you can create a company page complete with overview, careers and services pages. Customize the page as much as possible to establish it as a credible and noteworthy hub of information and ideas. It’s possible that LinkedIn has auto-created a page for your company—you can simply take over control of that page as an administrator.

Note: If your company is large enough, it’s possible that LinkedIn has already created a placeholder page for your employer. Until an employee claims the page and establishes himself as the administrator, any employee will have access to it, underscoring the importance of acting now!

2. Encourage all employees to link to the company page in their job description. This will expand the reach of your page by making it easily accessible to the connections of all of your employees. This will also help LinkedIn to easily compile a list of all of your employees that can be accessed from your business’s page.

3. Beef up your products and services page. This is a great way to inform users of exactly what your company has to offer. Adding a branded banner is one (free) way to customize your page and inject some visual appeal. Encourage customers to review your products on your LinkedIn page.

4. Post job openings. More people than ever are relying on LinkedIn as a way to find out about job openings and to set up informational interviews. Establish your page as a complement to your website’s careers information. LinkedIn’s job postings are competitively priced and have a proven track record of driving qualified candidates to employers. By simply supplying your job availability and descriptions, you can still reap the benefits of LinkedIn as a job board.

5. Engage! Company pages give you the opportunity to post status updates (just like Facebook) as a way to establish your business as a thought leader. Share interesting content related to your industry and craft posts so that they encourage discussion. When the conversation begins to take shape, join in!

6. Consider advertising. LinkedIn’s text ads can target users by job description, industry, or geography and drive them to your page or specific product or service offering. Like Facebook ads and Google AdWords, they are driven by a pay-per-click model that is easy to monitor and optimize.

LinkedIn’s slogan, “Relationships Matter,” says it all. Use your company’s page to build and foster relationships with your consumers and with other businesses. You never know when one connection could become your next partner, customer or employee.

Interested in learning more about the role social media could play in your business? Give our Digital Division Director a call at 919-858-6914 or shoot us an email. We’d love to have a conversation with you.

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