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Faster, Higher, Stronger, Spoiled.

For the first time in years, I’m considering taking a sabbatical from Twitter. Okay, not really — let’s not get melodramatic here. But only three days into the London 2012 Olympic Games, I am beyond frustrated with the spoilers that are hijacking my timeline. I bet the Ancient Greeks didn’t have to deal with this…. […]


New Case Study: Lead Generation in the Wireless Industry

TowerCo, one of the largest independent cell tower companies in the U.S. and a client of Eckel & Vaughan, had a problem. Their target market is difficult to reach, and advertising in the wireless industry can be very costly. Read our new case study on TowerCo and how it dramatically increased traffic to its website, […]

Ralph Lauren Olympics

Ralph Lauren and the “Made in China” Debacle

When Team USA athletes come marching out during the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games, they will be dressed in patriotic outfits courtesy of clothier and “American icon” Ralph Lauren. The idealized scene should cause millions of American viewers to swell with pride. However, beneath the red, white, and blue attire lies a tag […]

Harris Vaughan


Stuff We Care About

Emblazoned on the flat screen at the end of the final game of the NBA Finals was a super that read, “Heat Defeat Thunder.” I read it once. And I read it again. “How could that statement be grammatically correct?” I wondered. I then emailed our expert, Ermie Macknee, whom I’ve had the pleasure of […]

The Food Effect

New Case Study: Recruiting Donors, Volunteers and Advocates Online

Eckel & Vaughan is extraordinarily proud of our partnership with The Food Effect, the online network designed to educate, involve and unite North Carolinians in the fight against childhood hunger. Read our new case study on The Food Effect and how it was able to connect with 300,000 citizens, raise more than $100,000, and recruit […]

Social Media Wags the Dog

Never underestimate tweeps on a mission. If you’re doubting how much power can stem from social media, just ask Gap, Bank of America and Netflix. Each company will tell you that social media users actually caused it to reverse a strategic business decision. Adidas: Shackled to a Bad Idea The most recent in a long […]

The Parody Accounts Strike Again

Let’s say you’re just getting started on Twitter and you come across the account below. At first glance, it seems like a legitimate news source, and you follow it for quality news updates. After a couple posts, you notice something strange: Something doesn’t seem right here. You were just duped by a common Twitter prankster, […]