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Millennials, Obamacare and President B-Rock O’Beezy

Enrolling Millennials is critical to the success of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or as it’s better known, Obamacare). Yet convincing young adults to enroll poses a tall order for those tasked with marketing the new healthcare plan. How do you educate, encourage enrollment, and avoid polarizing an already wary (and perhaps weary) public? A […]

Beyoncé’s "No Marketing" Marketing a Hit

This is Beyoncé’s world and we’re all just living in it. Singer Beyoncé Knowles released her self-titled visual album at midnight EST on December 13. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that as of 11:59 p.m. EST on December 12, nobody knew it was coming. To borrow from another pop star, Beyoncé […]


Hijacking #Hashtags…for Good?

Hashtag hijacking has spoiled multi-million dollar campaigns and created PR nightmares for marketers worldwide. But recently, nonprofits and causes have begun to take a cue from the hashjackers and use the guerrilla marketing tactic as a vehicle for social good. The Oklahoma Red Cross took advantage of the SyFy channel’s live tweet promotion of the […]

Eight O’Clock Coffee Commercial Leaves a Bitter Taste

I recently wrote a blog post about a few television commercials that caught my attention for all the right reasons. Last week, there was one ad in particular that also grabbed my attention, but this time left a bad taste in my mouth. Take a look: At first I had a negative reaction because the […]

Apple Halloween Wallpaper

Brands Play “Dress Up” on Halloween

Halloween has grown to become one of America’s favorite holidays. On one special night, we’re all given a pass to break out of our well-groomed personalities and express our hidden desire to be scary, funny or fantastical. Halloween dares us to bend the rules of conventionality and embrace the different and bizarre. In a way, […]

Tar Heel Tax Reform

New Case Study: Engaging Voters in a Complex Issue

North Carolina’s tax system was outdated and volatile. Despite the growing risk of a budgetary crisis, every attempt by the General Assembly to modernize the tax code over the last decade had failed. The North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (NCACPA) recognized that it could significantly improve chances of passing meaningful tax reform legislation […]

E&V Hires Digital Marketing Specialist and Promotes McLeod to Account Manager

Raleigh, NC – Eckel & Vaughan, the Raleigh-based public affairs and marketing agency, today announced that it has hired Laney Wilke as a Digital Marketing Specialist and promoted Amy McLeod to Account Manager. Laney Wilke is an Oklahoma native and a 2013 graduate of Vanderbilt University. She has marketing and public affairs experience at Country […]

iPad Autism

The iPad and Autism: Strange Bedfellows?

My grandson has autism. Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) occur in one in every 88 children in the U.S. and are five times more prevalent in boys. The diagnosis is also on the rise, and no one’s quite sure where it comes from. Children with ASDs are a lovable handful. But with early diagnosis and special […]

Advertising vs. Selective Hearing

I have mastered the art of “selective hearing.” My parents call it “tuning things out,” but I prefer the former. Between logos, commercials and digital advertising, some studies suggest we’re hit with as many as 20,000 ads every day. We’re getting talked to death from every direction. So selective hearing has not only become a […]


A New “Look” at Traditional Advertising

Jessica Stober is a junior at Elon University and a social media intern at Eckel & Vaughan. “Technology these days.” How often do you find yourself mumbling those words at new gadgets and innovations? Well, here’s one that will really make your jaw drop. The next time you look at a billboard, don’t be surprised […]