Monthly Archives: August 2013

E&V Hires Digital Marketing Specialist and Promotes McLeod to Account Manager

Raleigh, NC – Eckel & Vaughan, the Raleigh-based public affairs and marketing agency, today announced that it has hired Laney Wilke as a Digital Marketing Specialist and promoted Amy McLeod to Account Manager. Laney Wilke is an Oklahoma native and a 2013 graduate of Vanderbilt University. She has marketing and public affairs experience at Country […]

iPad Autism

The iPad and Autism: Strange Bedfellows?

My grandson has autism. Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) occur in one in every 88 children in the U.S. and are five times more prevalent in boys. The diagnosis is also on the rise, and no one’s quite sure where it comes from. Children with ASDs are a lovable handful. But with early diagnosis and special […]

Advertising vs. Selective Hearing

I have mastered the art of “selective hearing.” My parents call it “tuning things out,” but I prefer the former. Between logos, commercials and digital advertising, some studies suggest we’re hit with as many as 20,000 ads every day. We’re getting talked to death from every direction. So selective hearing has not only become a […]