Monthly Archives: March 2014

Selfie Stick

Marketing in a Selfie Culture

When the Oxford Dictionaries selected “selfie” as the 2013 word of the year, few were surprised. These smartphone-friendly self-portraits represent self-expression and exploration in a digital world. From Ellen’s Oscar shot to President Obama’s controversial pic at Mandela’s memorial service, selfies are now interwoven in our social culture. Many brands have recognized the significance of […]

Whole Hog Trophy

New Case Study: Earning Attention for an Event Series

The N.C. Pork Council’s whole hog barbecue competitive series, which culminates in a state championship, has a rich history, and draws 130,000 event attendees annually, never earned the media or public attention it deserved. Eckel & Vaughan worked with the N.C. Pork Council, the City of Raleigh, and the International Bluegrass Music Association to develop […]