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Harris Vaughan


The workforce is changing. And business models should too.

CEOs, vice presidents, HR directors, and managers of any sort: pay attention. Millennials now represent the majority of the American workforce. And just what does that mean? What the new majority of American workers want in their work life is changing about as quickly as a Google search result is returned. And if you aren’t […]

The Cocktail Napkin Hall of Fame

We’re in the business of cultivating and communicating great ideas, which got us thinking – where do great ideas get their start?  Some of the most applauded ideas in pop culture, business, technology, and innovation have gotten their start on the humble cocktail napkin. Which of these great ideas would earn a spot in a Cocktail […]

Cocktail Napkins and Crises: Is Your Brand Prepared?

Long before they were used as storyboards for Harry Potter and A Few Good Men, cocktail napkins protected the surface of a table from rogue drops of wine or condensation from a chilled beer. Just as the layers of a cocktail napkin safeguard the integrity of a bar from an accidental spill, a crisis communications plan […]

Cocktail Napkin Idea

History of the Cocktail Napkin

Cocktail napkins have captured moments of discovery, groundbreaking business concepts, and revolutionary ideas. These 5″ x 5″ quarter-folded squares are ubiquitous in restaurants and bars across the world. But where did they come from? Who had the “cocktail napkin” idea to create the original cocktail napkin? The answer is far messier (forgive the pun) than […]