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All The Truth Is Out
Matt Ferraguto

Client Services Director

Four Things Worth Talking About in Matt Bai’s “All the Truth Is Out”

“Four Things Worth Talking About…” is a new series of blog posts where we turn the tired, traditional book review on its head and instead focus on the four most powerful anecdotes, lessons, or observations contained in the book. All the Truth Is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid is the second book reviewed for […]

Harris Vaughan


New Partner, New Hires at Eckel & Vaughan

Eckel & Vaughan (E&V) has announced a new partner at the strategic communications firm and two hires, including McGavock Edwards, formerly vice president with Baltimore-headquartered IMRE, and manager of its Raleigh office. The firm’s new partner is Matt Ferraguto, currently E&V’s client services director and an E&V employee since 2011. Ferraguto becomes the company’s third […]

Harris Vaughan


Lessons from Broad Street

Earlier today, my parents announced that their successful 28-year retail careers had finally come to a close. Vaughan’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts — a long-time pillar of Edenton, NC’s vibrant Broad Street retail center — was sold to a fifth generation of owners who took the reins of the establishment in the historic town. As […]

Household Brands: Men Wield Mops, Too

Kat Child is a rising senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and a digital marketing associate at Eckel & Vaughan. Brands that objectify women or depict them with unattainable standards of beauty are increasingly coming under fire, while brands that challenge such stereotypes are earning praise and attention. This is refreshing for many women. But what about […]