Yearly Archives: 2016

We’re Hiring: Executive Assistant

Eckel & Vaughan, the full-service strategic communications firm in Raleigh, is seeking an executive assistant to manage all aspects of the calendars and communications of its two founders, ensuring that both fulfill their commitments to agency staff and clients and adhere to the agency’s strategic plan. Successful candidates must demonstrate particularly strong interpersonal and organization […]

Tori Ludwig

Account Supervisor

State of the Millennial

As 2016 comes to a close, we reflect on themes from the past year. In our work, we’re particularly tuned in to niche target audiences, and this year, everyone is focused on millennials. Here’s a fun exercise: How many times have you discussed the mysterious habits of millennials this year? Note: You will have to […]

The True Reason for the Season

‘Tis the season for Christmas commercials. Cars with big red bows, jolly Santa Clauses, jingling Hershey’s Kisses—you know them all. But just in the last week or so, I’ve seen two Christmas commercials that have struck me. Perhaps because they lack all the trappings of the typical Christmas ads, but more likely because they cut […]

The Art and Science of Playing Nice

Oh, the internet. The home of dog videos, presidential memes, and listicles. Also the home to basically every idea ever. Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to have an original idea these days. Issues, products, initiatives, brand names. All spoken for. It seems nearly every market is cornered, making competition stiffer and room to insert oneself or […]

My 2020 Election Season Wish List

Ahhh, what’s that you hear? It’s the sound of (near) silence from political pundits. The sound of regular commercials instead of attack ads. The sound of us un-hiding all those Facebook friends with different political opinions than our own. Election Season 2016 is behind us, and I’d say we all deserve a drink for surviving […]

Finding the Silver Lining in the Critiques

My name is Amy McLeod, and I’m a communicator with an ego. I admit it. I want to believe that my strategies are sound, my tactics are bulletproof, and my creative pieces awe-inspiring. So, when someone questions or—heaven forbid— indicates a “flaw,” you better believe I take it personally. That said, over the last few […]

Tori Ludwig

Account Supervisor

The Lost Art of Political Civility

Election Day Eve. For most people, it means we are one day closer to the best day of the election cycle­—the day it ends. I am unlike most people. Typically, I love election season. “Saturday Night Live” content is richer. TV ads that sell insurance, cars, and gum are replaced by ones that sell ideas. […]

Words Matter

“Let’s hone in on that idea and really flush out a plan.” We’re in the business of communication. Words matter. It is often said that the English language is one of the most difficult to learn. That’s not surprising. So many words in the English language look and/or sound alike, but have completely different meanings. […]

E&V Grows Business Development Team and Adds New Partner

Amid strong growth, Eckel & Vaughan (E&V), the full-service strategic communications agency based in Raleigh, named a new partner and expanded its business development team. The firm’s new partner is Pres Davenport, currently E&V’s business development director and an E&V employee since 2012. Pres becomes the company’s fourth partner, joining co-founders Harris Vaughan and Albert Eckel and […]