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Greyson Kane

Senior Account Manager

Dissecting the Coverage: What’s Dominating the Rio 2016 Olympics Conversation?

As we write this, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are in full force. Many people have had predictions about what “all the talk” will be about for these few weeks: Zika, crime, Russian athletes, Michael Phelps’s medal count, Simone Biles, Ashton Eaton, Usain Bolt, Neymar, Djokovic, golf’s return, and who is […]

Dissecting the Coverage: 5 Trends in Traditional and Social Media During the 2016 RNC & DNC

With fewer than 100 days before Election Day, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions offered Americans the chance to learn more about each party’s platforms and leaders. While tens of millions of Americans watched the conventions live, the vast majority of voters got their convention news after it was filtered through traditional and/or social media. […]