Monthly Archives: December 2017


Maximizing Your Brand’s “Searchability” This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. Brands around the world are vying for consumer attention as spending increases during the holidays. Whether product-driven or service-driven, we see brands amp up promotional efforts, revamping their websites and investing in online advertisements to maximize their reach. So how do you, whether an industry professional or business owner, […]

Words Matter – Part Two

It’s the holiday season, y’all! The new year is upon us. One of the topics that will not go out of style next year—one that will remain a constant—is the importance of words. Words still matter. And they’re still being misused (e.g., affect/effect, complement/compliment). If you’re not sure of the correct form, look it up […]

Breaking Bread for the Greater Good

These are trying times. Look no further than your living room TV or phone to see hate, conflict, intolerance, political turmoil, or disaster of both natural and man-made varieties. Divisiveness creates chasms, leaving the human spirit wanting for unity. Unity is the driver of good. Especially in troublesome times, we must challenge one another to […]