A Guide to LinkedIn Page Statistics

Your company is on LinkedIn, you’re posting updates regularly and you are connecting with others in your industry. So what’s next? How do you know if what you’re doing is actually working?

Two invaluable tools to help you answer that question are Google Analytics and LinkedIn Page Statistics. Use Google Analytics to determine exactly how many of your website’s visitors came directly from LinkedIn, how long they stayed, and whether they converted. This post will focus on LinkedIn’s Page Statistics platform, your one-stop-shop for all things metric when it comes to your company’s LinkedIn presence.

A Guide to LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Page Statistics will enable you to get a sense of how many people are seeing your page, how your page compares to pages of similar organizations, and how your products and services are performing.

Statistics to Watch

Number of Followers: Followers are those who have checked out your page and have decided your company and your updates are worth keeping an eye on. For most people, clicking the “follow” button is a more deliberate act than “liking” a brand or product on Facebook; so consider each new follower a victory.

Page Views: Simply put, you want people looking at your page. You are able to click through the various tabs (All Page Views, Overview, Careers, Products & Services) to see which area of your page is acquiring the most views. This will also help you to identify the sections of your page that need sprucing up.

Unique Visitors: Along with wanting views, you want to ensure that new people are continuing to visit your page. You aim to maintain a solid fan base that will consistently visit your site, but you will also want that fan base to grow. An increase in Unique Visitors means that you are reaching out to new users and attracting them to your page, and that is a good thing.

Clicks Products & Services: This metric will give you insight into how your visitors are responding to your products and services. Not seeing as many clicks as you’d like? Try making the Products & Services page more engaging by updating the language or including catchy images.

What Is Success?

Success on LinkedIn can be determined by a number of different measurements. First, you must decide what you want to get out of LinkedIn. If you’re looking to expand your reach, number of followers or page views may be your barometer of choice. Hoping to generate leads or sell products? Focus on the clicks and recommendations on your Products & Services pages. Looking to source great talent for your business? Pay attention to the way your job posts are performing and consider upgrading to a Silver or Gold Careers page. Interested in the success of a LinkedIn ad campaign? Compare metrics before and during the campaign to see if your views, visitors and clicks are increasing.

And remember, charts and tables only give you a brief glimpse into the success of your page. To continue the success, you must remain engaged on all of your social networks. Continue the conversation with your networks, and your business will show the same great results the next time (and every time) you check your analytics.

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