A letter to you.

Good news: This is not a statement from us on COVID-19. There’s plenty of that to go around. And importantly so.

Rather, this is a letter from us to you. A compilation of content curated by our team that in a time like this is simply worth sharing. It’s meant to be reflective, inspiring, helpful and at times, a little funny. And we hope it’s the first of many more letters to come.

This week, we get a lesson on managing through isolation from our friends at NASA. We highlight the incredible work textile companies are doing to respond from right here in North Carolina. We showcase a tried and true way to create focus in the workplace, leaning on the wisdom of Stephen Covey. We share a way to visit America’s beautiful parks from—you guessed it—your kitchen table. And finally, we offer some inspiration from a piece shared with us by our colleague McGavock Edwards. If you don’t read anything in this note, take a few precious minutes to watch “Gratitude.” It’s both timely and timeless.

Until next week—enjoy.

-Harris Vaughan

1 Keep Your Culture Healthy

Manage a team? Worried about isolation during stay-at-home? NASA shows us five behaviors needed to create a healthy culture for living and working remotely. Shared by Matt Ferraguto. Written by astronaut Anne McLain.

2 Help in a Crisis

Parkdale Mills, a Gaston, NC-based yarn spinner, makes us proud to be North Carolinians this week as they join forces to make millions of face masks to help address the nationwide shortage. Shared by Lauren Long. Written by Annie Ma.

3 Focus on What Matters

Here’s a way to use a few minutes each day to focus on the important things—like how to emerge from this crisis. Written by, yours truly.

4 Clear Your Mind

Take a break. Get outside and travel—right from the comfort of your home. National Parks across the nation are offering virtual tours. Shared by Emily Brown. Written by Andrea Ramano.

5 Be Grateful

In a short film by Louis Schwartzberg, we are reminded that if we simply look around us, there is so much to be grateful for. And it begins with a choice by each one of us. Shared by McGavock Edwards.