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Four Things Worth Talking About in “Truth Decay”

These days, it’s impossible to turn on the television, scroll through your news feed, or talk with your neighbor without topics like “fake news” and America’s deep political divide coming into play. This month, the RAND Corporation released a study that explored both of these issues: “Truth Decay.” It’s a timely report that details Americans’ […]

Amanda Wilcox

How Dove Could Have Avoided a PR Disaster: The Case for Diversity in the Workplace

Whether it be in the video we’re creating or the print advertisement we’re placing, thoughtfully representing people of varying backgrounds should be one of the top concerns for advertisers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. There are many notable examples of ads that were scrutinized for how they portrayed people of color, or worse yet, how […]

Amanda Wilcox

Five Ways to Stay Sane During Your Long Commute

So you’ve got a long commute? I feel you. When I started at Eckel & Vaughan, my commute increased from 40 minutes to a solid hour. And that’s without traffic. Fortunately, this only lasted for six weeks. Once we sold our house on the outskirts of town, we moved closer to the city and cut […]