Facebook security

The Parents’ Guide to Facebook

There’s a new rite of passage for American children. You turn 13, and you get a Facebook account. It’s a frightening prospect for millions of parents, many of whom fall into one of two camps: Parents who are already on Facebook and are concerned about privacy and security. Parents who aren’t on Facebook and have […]

A Guide to YouTube Analytics

Finding success for your business on YouTube does not happen overnight. It takes work, including a combination of posting videos regularly, responding to comments on your channel, and promoting your videos on other social media properties. YouTube Analytics give you hard data that help you assess how your channel and videos are performing. These metrics […]

Facebook Timeline for Brands: What Businesses Need to Know

On March 30, 2012, Facebook will transition all brand/organization/fan pages to the new timeline format. This guide breaks down the changes and consequences, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and seamlessly make the transition to the timeline. What will change? Profile Picture: Facebook’s current page format accepts profile photos of practically any size. […]

A Guide to LinkedIn Page Statistics

Your company is on LinkedIn, you’re posting updates regularly and you are connecting with others in your industry. So what’s next? How do you know if what you’re doing is actually working? Two invaluable tools to help you answer that question are Google Analytics and LinkedIn Page Statistics. Use Google Analytics to determine exactly how many of […]

Beyond the Wall: Art of the Custom Facebook Tab

After you launch a Facebook page for your business, you may be looking for ways to enhance its visual appeal and functionality. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create custom tabs. You’ve seen these before. Perhaps it was a nicely branded Welcome tab that shows up before you “like” a […]

Social Networks 101: Twitter for Businesses

This is the second in a four-part series that will offer a brief look into the basics of social networks for businesses. Think it’s time for your business to make the leap onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube but not sure where to start? Read on. Why does my business need a Twitter page? There […]

Jelly Bean Theory

PR Today: Crisis Communications Shouldn’t Wait for a Crisis

Organizations are fixated on what the news media will do to them when something bad happens. They dutifully write crisis communications plans and tuck them away, awaiting the dreaded phone call from a breathless reporter. But a crisis plan does little more than add a large dose of false security. Sooner or later something bad […]