McGavock Edwards, APR

Partner / Strategic Communications Director

Choose Joy.

I’ve always been a glass half full person. But, these days it’s easy to depart from positivity—to get stuck in the numbers rising, the days passing, and the opportunities missed. I long to watch my high school athlete defend Enloe’s goal. I miss working shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues and clients. I crave an […]

Pres Davenport

Partner / Business Development Director

Bright and Energetic.

As many of us wrap up week two of life under quarantine, I suspect that the novelty of navigating work from home policies, creating virtual Zoom backgrounds and finding the grocery store that does in fact have toilet paper, is starting to wear off. The challenge now is to make the most of our new […]

Tori Ludwig

Account Supervisor

A week to change the world

Last week changed our country. We’ve often talked about how technology has changed the way we do business, but it’s never been more evident than during the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve all been forced to figure out ways to connect virtually and work together to find ways to keep our economy and our communities afloat. These […]

Harris Vaughan


A letter to you.

Good news: This is not a statement from us on COVID-19. There’s plenty of that to go around. And importantly so. Rather, this is a letter from us to you. A compilation of content curated by our team that in a time like this is simply worth sharing. It’s meant to be reflective, inspiring, helpful […]

Harris Vaughan


Tending to the “Important” While Dealing with the “Urgent”

About 20 years ago, I was introduced to Stephen Covey’s four quadrant planning technique. As someone whose attention span can be challenged, it helped me focus and prioritize my workload. I use it during times like these. His principle was simple. Don’t let the unimportant, non-urgent needs distract us from spending time planning for and […]

Halley White

Senior Account Manager

Internship vs. Fellowship – What’s the Difference?

You may have noticed a recent shift in our vernacular here at E&V. What was our internship program is now our fellowship program. What’s the difference, you ask? Let us fill you in. Our decision to move from an internship program to a fellowship program was fueled by the robust talent we see in our […]

Albert Eckel

Founder / Partner

Change Can Be a Moment of Opportunity

Next year promises to be exceptionally dynamic across America – nowhere more than in North Carolina, where we guide and assist clients with branding, public-relations, and other communication needs. Change is upon us all – some of it gradual, some of it faster, some of it at light speed. Are you and your business prepared […]

Leading Communications Agencies Reboot Award-Winning Diversity Program for High School Students

Leading Communications Agencies Reboot Award-Winning Diversity Program for High School Students Week-long “What We Do You Can Too” internship fosters career connections with underrepresented students and communications professionals in Wake County RALEIGH, NC [June 14, 2019] – What We Do You Can Too (WWDYCT), a program that matches high school students with communications professionals, reboots […]

Harris Vaughan


Work With Excellence: A “Seven Days Out” Review

Today at Eckel & Vaughan we took a break. Even after a ten-day hiatus, we found time to gather as a team during our lunch hour to watch the first episode in a new Netflix series entitled “Seven Days Out.” The episode, “Eleven Madison Park” takes the viewer inside the reopening of the number one […]

Three Reasons to Invest in Paid Social Media

In the past, social media was treated as a free advertising platform, but having that mentality today is detrimental to your social media strategy. Posting regular, engaging content is a good start, but it is not enough to achieve competitive results online. Here are three reasons why social media advertising is worth the spend.  Your […]