Breaking Bread for the Greater Good

These are trying times. Look no further than your living room TV or phone to see hate, conflict, intolerance, political turmoil, or disaster of both natural and man-made varieties. Divisiveness creates chasms, leaving the human spirit wanting for unity.

Unity is the driver of good. Especially in troublesome times, we must challenge one another to put differences aside and find common ground. Healing happens when people harness their collective desire to unite under a common cause.

Last fall, North Carolinians demonstrated the power of unity during the first ever Sunday Supper. After one of the most contentious elections in modern history, people put their differences aside and came together to help their neighbors to the east recover from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh was transformed into a 1,000-person communal dining table where people put their differences aside, joined hands, and broke bread in support of those who needed aide. It was awe-inspiring.

And we’re proud to say that we’ve seen this spirit of generosity grow following that first Sunday Supper in November 2016.

On November 19, 2017, neighbors enjoyed another meal together and celebrated the launch of a new nonprofit focused on inspiring communities to set aside differences and break bread for the greater good. The Raleigh-based nonprofit embodies the mission, vision and values of the original Sunday Supper. Read more about it here.

Yes. These are difficult times, but there is good news. In unity, there is healing.

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