Customer Service

How Brands Benefit From Practicing Gratitude

Of all the character traits instilled in us as children, there is one that can set us apart if we choose to carry it into our adulthood. Many memorable athletes, business leaders, entertainers, and world changers personify this value. That value is gratitude: the embodiment of being thankful and appreciative. Science tells us that the practice […]

The Power of a Little Respect

Sarah Scott Worth is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and a marketing intern at Eckel & Vaughan. Account management expert Robert Solomon’s book, “The Art of Client Service,” details “58 things that every advertising and marketing professional should know.” He discusses everything from the importance of being on time to the complexity of creating a […]

Punishing Loyalty

Conventional wisdom holds that it’s more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. So why do some companies continue to punish their most loyal customers? Every day, companies chase new customers with special offers and discounts, while taking advantage of the folks who have been with them the […]