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Greyson Kane

Senior Account Manager

Preparing for an Interview: Nine Questions NOT to Ask

In a recent blog post, we shared a few pieces of advice for job applicants and our recommendations on some of the best questions to ask during an interview. With the good, comes the bad. We’d be remiss if we didn’t let you in on some of the questions you should steer clear of. Each […]

We’re Hiring: Executive Assistant

Eckel & Vaughan, the full-service strategic communications firm in Raleigh, is seeking an executive assistant to manage all aspects of the calendars and communications of its two founders, ensuring that both fulfill their commitments to agency staff and clients and adhere to the agency’s strategic plan. Successful candidates must demonstrate particularly strong interpersonal and organization […]

Job Opportunity: Business Development Manager

Eckel & Vaughan is looking for a Business Development Manager who can join and help grow our business development team. If you think you’d be a strong fit for our team or know someone else who would be, you can find the job posting and application details here: