Things Worth Talking About

Three Reasons to Invest in Paid Social Media

In the past, social media was treated as a free advertising platform, but having that mentality today is detrimental to your social media strategy. Posting regular, engaging content is a good start, but it is not enough to achieve competitive results online. Here are three reasons why social media advertising is worth the spend.  Your […]

Albert Eckel

Founder / Partner

Why Elections Are Bigger Than Politics

I know you’re tired of hearing opinions about what happened on election day. Everyone seems to have a take on it. My inbox has been flooded for days with “Election Recaps.” This is not an election recap. In our business, we don’t care so much about who wins or loses as much as we care […]

Harris Vaughan


Thank You, Howard Rockett

“We are not in the business of creating beautiful ads. We’re in the business of solving business problems.” –  Howard Rockett, founder of Rockett Burkhead & Winslow. This little nugget of wisdom was drilled into my psyche years ago, and it stuck with me. It convinced me to go back to business school and it […]

Margaret Walter

Marketing Analytics Specialist

3 Digital Marketing Trends Worth Talking About

In this series, we reflect on notable trends in the ever-evolving digital marketing world. What stuck out to us in the second quarter of 2018? Google and Facebook’s digital ad duopoly is waning While Google and Facebook continue to account for a combined majority of the digital ad market, their collective percentage of growth is […]

Amanda Wilcox

Account Manager

The Six Demographics Changing North Carolina and What It Means for Communicators (Part 1)

Last month, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce hosted their second-annual Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Conference. Dr. James Johnson, a professor at the UNC Kenan-Flagler School of Business, opened the conference by discussing the six disruptive demographics that will change North Carolina forever. Some of these may be surprising, but others are demographic shifts that […]

Matt Ferraguto
Matt Ferraguto
Client Services Director
Matt Ferraguto
Michael Cutts
Business Development Manager

What’s Wrong with an “Off-the-Shelf” Solution? (Part One)

What makes a great advertising or advocacy campaign? Why do some hit the mark and others fall flat? Our most successful client relationships start with an innovative approach rooted in a deep, evolving understanding of the problem. We often say, “Don’t call and say you need an ad.” An ad may be exactly what’s necessary. […]

Harris Vaughan


Heaven’s Sauce

North Carolina is a land of friendly people. Yet there are many opportunities to disagree with one another. There are the obvious points of difference. Politics. Religion. Even basketball. In basketball, not only is there disagreement on the superiority of programs (Carolina vs. Duke, for example), but there is even disagreement over which rivalry within […]

Amanda Wilcox

Account Manager

Four Things Worth Talking About in “Truth Decay”

These days, it’s impossible to turn on the television, scroll through your news feed, or talk with your neighbor without topics like “fake news” and America’s deep political divide coming into play. This month, the RAND Corporation released a study that explored both of these issues: “Truth Decay.” It’s a timely report that details Americans’ […]

Anna Marshall Wilson

Public Relations Account Supervisor

Breaking Bread for the Greater Good

These are trying times. Look no further than your living room TV or phone to see hate, conflict, intolerance, political turmoil, or disaster of both natural and man-made varieties. Divisiveness creates chasms, leaving the human spirit wanting for unity. Unity is the driver of good. Especially in troublesome times, we must challenge one another to […]