Harris Vaughan


Saying Goodbye to Our House Phone

I remember as a child sitting quietly in the family room of our Outer Banks cottage as neighbors would file in to place phone calls to relatives. My late fraternal grandfather was a physician. And our cottage was the only one within a quarter mile with a working phone. At my grandmother’s invitation, after breakfast […]

E&V Hires Digital Marketing Specialist and Promotes McLeod to Account Manager

Raleigh, NC – Eckel & Vaughan, the Raleigh-based public affairs and marketing agency, today announced that it has hired Laney Wilke as a Digital Marketing Specialist and promoted Amy McLeod to Account Manager. Laney Wilke is an Oklahoma native and a 2013 graduate of Vanderbilt University. She has marketing and public affairs experience at Country […]

Punishing Loyalty

Conventional wisdom holds that it’s more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. So why do some companies continue to punish their most loyal customers? Every day, companies chase new customers with special offers and discounts, while taking advantage of the folks who have been with them the […]

Boston Marathon Bombing

Don’t Blame Twitter

The fingers began pointing long before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was even in handcuffs. Who was to blame for the wealth of misinformation in the days following the Boston Marathon bombings? It should come as no surprise that many of the fingers were pointed in the same direction: our social networks. “Social Media Spirals Out of Control” […]

Harris Vaughan


The cold, hard facts. In red and blue.

What a difference four years makes. A whopping 54% of the 195 elected officials that include the North Carolina Governor’s office, Council of State, and General Assembly are brand-new people. That’s 106 new relationships that need to be forged. The infographic below tells the story.

E&V Taps Pres Davenport as New Director of Business Development

Raleigh, NC – Eckel & Vaughan, the Raleigh-based public affairs and marketing agency, today announced that it has hired Pres Davenport of Wilmington, NC, as its new Director of Business Development. Davenport has spent the last decade helping the Washington, DC-based New Media Strategies to grow into the nation’s largest social media agency. He has […]

The Food Effect

New Case Study: Recruiting Donors, Volunteers and Advocates Online

Eckel & Vaughan is extraordinarily proud of our partnership with The Food Effect, the online network designed to educate, involve and unite North Carolinians in the fight against childhood hunger. Read our new case study on The Food Effect and how it was able to connect with 300,000 citizens, raise more than $100,000, and recruit […]