Change brings opportunity.

If you know the team at E&V, you know we’re driven to solve problems. We’re optimists by nature. Perhaps that’s why so many of you have given us the chance to work together. We’re appreciative of it. And, we’re looking forward to more.

As our country continues to open up, there’s a long road ahead. The economy is unstable. Elections are on the horizon. Consumer behavior has changed. Shareholders, stakeholders and governmental leaders are—for the most part—methodically making decisions on how to act and react to a new normal.

History shows that change brings growth. It brings innovation. It brings endless opportunity. You likely know that… but could be grappling with the “how.”

This week, we’re sharing some insights that might help your organization identify and leverage the opportunities ahead:

  • In our interview with Stu Polk of McLaughlin & Associates, you’ll learn that four out of five consumers want to hear directly from brands. Keep in mind, specificity is key in today’s environment.
  • The Edelman Trust Barometer delivers important guidance on what audiences are looking for from brands like yours.
  • An article from Inc. recommends how best to support employees—key stakeholders who should be a priority for any organization.
  • Forbes shares insights into a quickly changing advertising and digital landscape from experts around the county. (P.S. – measurement matters more than ever.)
  • A podcast from the Harvard Business Review provides thoughts for marketers on how to drive change and profits with mission-driven marketing.
  • And lastly, an interview from Ragan with PepsiCo reminds us how to leverage unplanned opportunities with relevance and authenticity in mind.

The good news? Your audiences are looking to you to lead. Relationships matter more than ever. Relevance and authenticity will be drivers for success.

You’ve got this. And, we’re cheering you on.

-McGavock Edwards

WATCH: Communicating as a Brand

How should brands respond to the new normal created by the COVID-19 crisis? In Eckel & Vaughan’s “What Matters in Ten,” Harris Vaughan speaks with Stuart Polk of McLaughlin & Associates to discuss how brands should communicate with their audiences moving forward. Watch now to learn more about what brands can do to distinguish themselves as good corporate citizens and build trust and goodwill with their communities.

1 Measuring Brand Trust

A new report from Edelman makes it clear that especially now, brands matter. And those that center their messaging on solutions rather than selling will reinforce their expertise, leadership and trust, plus strengthen their bond with consumers. Article by Richard Edelman. Shared by yours truly.

2 Engaging Employees

Whether you’re planning to reopen soon or not for several months, Inc. reminds us that engaging with employees through regular and personal communication is crucial. Article by Graham Winfrey.

3 Post-Pandemic Media

The media and advertising landscape hasn’t faced a disruption comparable to that COVID-19 has brought since World War II—and it’s time we prepare for it. Article by Brad Adgate.

4 Driving Social Change—And Profits 

Brands have the power to encourage shifts in consumer behavior, benefitting individuals and communities. Learn from HBR IdeaCast how the pandemic and economic slowdown have made such work all the more important. Podcast by Myriam Sidibe. Shared by Grace Ricks.

5 Some Good News

The needs that have emerged from the pandemic are so enormous that to be effectively addressed, they require a new level of collaboration across sectors. John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” and PepsiCo showed how it’s done. Article by Ted Kitterman. Shared by yours truly.