Choose Joy.

I’ve always been a glass half full person. But, these days it’s easy to depart from positivity—to get stuck in the numbers rising, the days passing, and the opportunities missed. I long to watch my high school athlete defend Enloe’s goal. I miss working shoulder to shoulder with my colleagues and clients. I crave an in-person girl’s night out.

We’re all missing things and it is hard. But I’ve realized this week that there is A LOT I don’t miss. I don’t feel rushed. That pesky “mom guilt” has disappeared. And, my focus isn’t fractured. I am content and it’s because I’ve chosen to focus on the good. The good I’ve been blessed with—morning devotions, kindhearted colleagues, blooming flowers, good music, funny friends, art projects, and long walks. I’ve chosen faith over fear. And, it’s getting me through. My post-pandemic goal will be to remember all the little things that bring me joy.

In the meantime, I’ll keep focusing on the promises of tomorrow, and I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s curated content—all things we hope will bring a smile to your face and a skip in your heart.

Happy Easter.

-McGavock Edwards

1 A Century of Overcoming

Eva Kollisch and Naomi Replansky have survived a century of hardships—the 1918 influenza, the Depression and the Holocaust. We can all learn a thing or two about resilience from these extraordinary women.  Article by Ginia Bellafante.

2 A Worthwhile Lesson

Yale’s most popular course might surprise you. The Science of Well Being teaches how to boost your happiness and create more productive habits. You can now take it for free online at your own pace. Shared by Kaitlyn Goforth. Article by Lauren Steele.

3 Channel Your Inner Athlete

Practice facing adversity. Institute a daily routine. Stay—connected, active, in the present. Here’s advice given by a psychologist, Dr. Bradley Hack of Cary, to athletes that we can all learn something from. Shared by Harris Vaughan.

4 A Commitment to Farmers

John Deere Africa helps us focus on what doesn’t change. That the things we often take for granted, still remain. That the rhythm of nature never stops. In a beautiful video, they challenge us to find that hope too remains. Shared by yours truly.