Get Busy Doing For Someone Else

This past year has been paralyzing at times. There have been many times where I felt like I can’t move forward to help solve the problems before us. And it stands to reason. After all, how often does anyone witness social unrest, political discord, an economic upheaval, and a pandemic at this scale in a matter of months?

Through it all, I’ve had so many helpful and interesting conversations with people from all walks of life. And a common refrain I hear is, “But what can I do about it?”

I’ve come to the conclusion that we would all do well to simply get busy doing for others. If there is one thing that concerns me about today’s culture, it is that by and large we are consumed by our own needs. “Self” rules the day. Some of us feel individually insulted, offended, or wronged. Some of us worry that whatever we do or say might offend others and cause us to be “cancelled” as a result.

Folks, we’ve got to get past ourselves and start tending to the needs of others. If this pandemic revealed anything, it exposed to us just how many people need our help. And no one receiving your help will want to cancel you or your effort. In fact, they will embrace it.

Coming to the help of others is addictive. There is a wonderful feeling that washes over you. Emotionally, mentally and spiritually you notice a new perspective in what you care about. This is all part of the grand experience of being human.

‘What can I do,’ you might ask? I’m sure there’s a young man looking for a mentor. There’s a young woman who’d like to learn how to swim. There’s an adult wanting to learn a new trade for a career change. There’s a homeless shelter that needs to organize a sock drive. Or an elderly man who needs help making a weekly run to the grocery store. At the very least there is someone right in front of you that may just need a compliment followed by a smile.

The point is: The needs of others are there. The question is: What are you doing to lend a hand?