We’re Hiring: Spring 2018 Interns

Eckel & Vaughan, a full-service strategic communications agency in Raleigh, is seeking interns for Spring 2018. Interns are critical additions to the E&V team, and we look forward to meeting a new group of students and recent graduates who are looking for an agency opportunity. Applications should be submitted by October 30 for full consideration.

Interns will have the opportunity to strengthen critical thinking skills by developing thoughtful, original content and executing research projects on behalf of Eckel & Vaughan and our clients. Throughout the semester, interns will take part in professional development sessions, giving them the opportunity to learn from E&V team members. These sessions include:

  • “How an Idea Becomes an Ad” seminar
  • Social media industry best practices
  • Interview Tips & Resume Review
  • LinkedIn Best Practices
  • Google Analytics & AdWords Introduction

While intern projects will vary depending upon client work, all interns will have the opportunity to:

  • Read a book about the strategic communications industry
  • Craft an original blog post
  • Present a concept to the E&V team
  • Demonstrate ownership of a project

Successful candidates must demonstrate a willingness to work hard and possess strong communication, writing, and research skills. All interns will be eligible for a performance-based stipend at the end of their internship.

Click here to learn more and apply.