In Good Company

Daisy King interned at Eckel & Vaughan during the summer of 2017. 

Eckel & Vaughan was recently named one of Triangle Business Journal’s 2017 Best Places to Work, and I couldn’t agree more. There is a distinct culture of passionate, visionary, Diet Coke-loving, forward thinkers that make this workplace so unique. Here are the top seven reasons why I loved interning at Eckel & Vaughan.

1 They help the community.

I heard about Eckel & Vaughan through their Sunday Supper fundraiser to help rebuild Eastern North Carolina following Hurricane Matthew. For those of you who have not heard about this wildly successful fundraiser, the team built a massive table down Fayetteville Street to feed 1,000 people. Guests paid $20 to eat a North Carolina-style barbecue dinner and all proceeds were donated to the North Carolina disaster relief fund. “Eat, drink, and be generous,” they said. The team’s community service doesn’t stop there. They’ve also worked with Extreme Makeover Home Edition to provide a home for a decorated war veteran. The amount of care and attention the company pays the community says a lot about the employees at Eckel & Vaughan.

2 They collaborate.

The open office environment breeds collaboration and creativity. Few people have offices, with most employees residing in open cubbies and cubicles. Those that do have a door rarely close them, allowing co-workers to stop by and utilize one another’s knowledge and experience. On any given day, team members are brainstorming together and bouncing ideas off of each other. The team comes from diverse backgrounds, and they benefit from one another’s unique perspectives. They help each other grow by offering encouragement and feedback. The team respects each other’s opinions and trusts their abilities.

3 They have a common goal: purposeful work.

Eckel & Vaughan has a clear vision of who they are. They know their strengths and areas of expertise. They work with clients with missions they support and the company believes “are worth talking about.” This includes helping the NC ABC Commission prevent underage drinking, and the NC Pork Council fight childhood hunger and drum up support for one of their favorite things: North Carolina barbecue. The work that Eckel & Vaughan does for its clients reflects the values and interests of the team.

4 They never stop learning.

Eckel & Vaughan knows the importance of continued education. As interns, we had weekly professional development sessions led by experienced team members. Almost every week, other co-workers sat in to learn about a colleague’s expertise. Additionally, the company hosts a professional development series for all employees to stay updated on new trends, and they host a book club exploring relevant industry books. Their intellectual curiosity and commitment to bettering themselves culminates in forward-thinking projects for clients.

5 They support each other.

The team is always there for each other. They cover one another’s assignments until co-workers return from vacation. They congratulate each other on accomplishments and awards. They inspire each other by writing quotes on one another’s walls. They fill the office with treats and flowers on co-worker’s birthdays. There is a friendly environment based on a foundation of trust and respect.

6 The company is flexible.

This company knows the importance of a work-life balance. The work day starts for some employees at 7:30 a.m. in order to get off early and pick up their kids from school, while others work the typical 9 to 5 shift. The emphasis on family can be felt around the office, from the ample vacation time to the colorful kid-painted artwork that is proudly displayed around the office. The company is not only flexible in terms of hours, but also location, allowing employees the option to commute to Raleigh when necessary. The partners at Eckel & Vaughan demonstrate their trust in their employees by affording them flexibility and freedom, knowing their employees will be more productive when they are happy.

7 The atmosphere is fun.

The office is laid back. Some employees use bouncy balls as chairs; others work at standing desks. The office has a sense of humor. During my first week in the office, one of the partners’ pictures and a fake biography was found amongst the other intern profiles. Another partner encouraged a game of conference call BINGO. The conference rooms and Wi-Fi networks are named for everyone’s favorite Southern foods: barbecue, fried chicken, hushpuppies, and slaw. You can tell everyone here loves what they do.

I’ve had the best summer working for Eckel & Vaughan. As anyone who has had the opportunity to work with this hardworking, creative, and innovative team would agree, Eckel & Vaughan has made themselves something worth talking about.