Internship vs. Fellowship – What’s the Difference?

You may have noticed a recent shift in our vernacular here at E&V. What was our internship program is now our fellowship program. What’s the difference, you ask? Let us fill you in.

Our decision to move from an internship program to a fellowship program was fueled by the robust talent we see in our region. As a full-service communications agency that just celebrated our 11-year anniversary, we take recruiting and nurturing talent very seriously. Our agency’s leaders see it as E&V’s duty to help our industry continue to grow in the Triangle and make it the best it can be for the companies established here every day.

At E&V, we search for and value give-back opportunities to the community and industry, and we approach our fellowship program no differently. We not only invest in professional development opportunities that help our fellows thrive at E&V, but also expand our sessions to industry-wide content that will benefit them throughout their career – whether it’s here or elsewhere.

While our previous internship program introduced agency life to go-getters balancing a full plate of college courses and a part-time position at E&V, we’ve structured the fellowship program to allow fellows to really dive deep into E&V culture and their assigned accounts. We also aim to harness and strengthen the same five key qualities all full-time E&V staff seek to demonstrate each day:

  • Drive
  • Discipline
  • Excellence
  • Mastery
  • Leadership

We believe our refreshed perspective on this program has helped us recruit differently, offer a more mutually beneficial experience for those breaking into the communications world and strengthen our agency’s talent pipeline.Structured as part mentorship program, part pre-entry-level job, we give our fellows a great deal of freedom, while also offering dedicated fellowship advisors to guide them, as needed.

E&V offers fellowship opportunities in the spring (January – April), summer (May – August) and fall (September – December). For more information, please visit the job requisition. If you have applicable experience and a passion for contributing to a highly motivated team, we welcome you to apply.