In the Trenches with Our Clients

In our daily work, we function as an extension of our client’s team. We study their industry, we stay ahead of the game, and we strategize. We anticipate, we put plans in place, and we update them regularly. We do this so we are prepared when the unexpected hits. Crises come in all shapes and sizes, and require tailored responses. The difference between a plan on paper and a plan in action is night and day. A plan in action is only as strong as its team. Precision, accuracy, speed, insightful strategy, and keen intuition are all requirements for successful implementation.

When House of Raeford Farms experienced a devastating fire at one of its processing facilities in Wallace, North Carolina, our team was at the ready.

Eckel & Vaughan was a trusted partner before the fire broke out. We worked in the trenches with House of Raeford leadership to act quickly and intentionally. Thanks to successful crisis plan implementation, House of Raeford emerged post-fire an even stronger brand. Read more about it here.