Ready or not…

After months of quarantine, some restrictions are finally being lifted. Yet the path forward remains frustratingly opaque. One thing is certain, however – we all need a plan to thrive in such a fluid environment.

This is especially true for nonprofits, who now more than ever, need to act with intention. We start this week by sharing a conversation with Clare Jordan of CapDev. This is the first in a series of video conversations we will host with expert voices from around the state.

Most reopening conversation also have an undercurrent of fear and doubt. Clearly, it is a time to choose your words carefully. This article from Forbes will help you find the words necessary to build confidence in your path forward. Our next article will provide guidance on managing teams from afar. Then we share Quick Thinks, a podcast from Stanford Business, that really made us smile. After all, who’s more qualified to help you find your authentic voice than an improv expert? Next, an article by the Public Affairs Council shows how to take your advocacy efforts online. Finally, a podcast with Chobani’s president highlights the importance of genuine motives in corporate social responsibility efforts.

So get ready. Life may not be normal for a while, but I suspect its pace is about to pick up.

-Pres Davenport

WATCH: The Future of Philanthropy

How is the current environment changing corporate giving, and what can companies be doing to best engage with nonprofits right now? In Eckel & Vaughan’s first edition of ‘What Matters in Ten,” Harris Vaughan sits down (virtually) with Clare Jordan of CapDev to cover essential advice for those managing or partnering with nonprofits. Watch now to learn more about what the coming months could bring for giving and what organizations should be doing now to prepare.

1 Navigating the Return

Businesses across the country are slowly beginning to reopen. As we enter this new chapter, proactive messaging can help instill confidence and a feeling of safety. Article by Lindy Brewster.

2 Thriving in Uncertainty

Managing a team during a time of uncertainty is a unique challenge. Through thoughtful communication, managers can help their employees feel connected and engaged during a time when they need it most. Article by Stephen Bailey.

3 Lessons from Improv

Though it may feel uncomfortable, letting go of our prepared notes and staying in the moment can help us communicate more effectively. Stanford Business demonstrates how leaders can more authentically connect with their audience. Podcast by Matt Abrahams.

4 A New Way to Advocate

Advocacy is now more important than ever before for many organizations. Yet in a time when traditional lobby days or fly-ins simply aren’t possible, groups must learn how to take their advocacy efforts online. Article by Nick Desarno. Shared by Tori Ludwig.

5 Doing the Most Good

It’s inspiring to see so many companies giving back to their communities in this time of need. Yet as the president of Chobani explains, organizations motivated to do good simply to bolster their brand image need to reassess their outlook. Podcast by Patrick McGinnis.