Shaping our futures.

Congratulations. You’ve survived your first month in quarantine.

The uniqueness of this situation is still not lost on me. I continue to be struck by how people, families and industries are adapting to this new normal. When this virus has passed us by, what will we remember? What will we learn?

I’ll remember spending my 49th birthday celebrating with myself during quarantine. I’ll always chuckle when I think back to Tiger Woods recreating the Masters Champions dinner at home. I’ll always be sober-minded when I consider the sharp changes to our economy that came overnight. I’ll always be thankful when I remember how my team has come together to fight for our clients—using the time to think big. And I will remember how we as individuals are using this time to better ourselves and dig deep for the fight that is with us now.

There’s no doubt this challenge has brought about hard decisions for leaders, parents, business owners, students and everyone in-between. But we know that something new will be coming. It’s worthwhile for us to consider what this “post-COVID world” will look like. How are you preparing for it? Will you be ready? Are you taking the needed time now to prepare for the back end of this pandemic?

We will always carry some scars and heartache from this virus—whether you’ve faced the virus personally, supported someone holding the front line or encountered financial hardship. The challenge will be using this experience to grow our businesses and our country, and shape our futures.

Whatever you’re facing, let’s face it together. In the meantime, here are a few items that are giving us hope.

-Albert Eckel

1  A Pivot for Public Affairs

While there’s still so much uncertainty in the weeks and months ahead, it’s clear that this pandemic will forever change how we advocate for the issues we care about most. The Public Affairs Council details what the new normal could bring. Shared by Kaitlyn Goforth.

2 Rise & Shine

Even amid these uncertain times, the sight of a sunrise brings the hope of a new day. And for 50,000 viewers across the globe, a video of dawn at Cape Hatteras, NC, has done exactly that. Shared by Kaitlyn Goforth. Article by Mark Price.

3 Mission Control

Prioritize. Audit. Delegate. These are just some of the lessons we can all take from the story of Apollo 13—which launched 50 years ago last week—and apply as we navigate through and beyond the current crisis. Article by Jonathan Magid and Will Busch III.

4 Play for the World

Through a powerful new ad, Nike reminds us all that while we may be apart, we all have the ability to shape our collective future.

5 Isolation’s Best Friend

Left spending their days in isolation, many Americans are making the most of the extra time at home by adding a furry friend to the family. Eckel & Vaughan’s own Matt Ferraguto (and new adoptee Colby) is one of them. Article by Michael Phillips.

And if you don’t have access to the Wall Street Journal, Gillian B. White at The Atlantic also has the puppy pandemonium covered.