The Art and Science of Playing Nice

Oh, the internet. The home of dog videos, presidential memes, and listicles. Also the home to basically every idea ever. Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to have an original idea these days. Issues, products, initiatives, brand names. All spoken for. It seems nearly every market is cornered, making competition stiffer and room to insert oneself or […]

The Cocktail Napkin Is Nothing Without Collaboration

You may be noticing a theme on this page. If you’re getting the sense that we at Eckel & Vaughan are obsessed with cocktail napkins, you’re partially right. What we’re truly obsessed with are great ideas and the fact that a handful of powerful, culturally significant ideas got their start on a cocktail napkin. We’re […]


Social Media: A Team Effort

  Facebook and Twitter and Vine…oh my! With new social media platforms popping up every day, even the most digitally savvy business can get overwhelmed by the number of tools it must populate, monitor, and manage. Your company may have a dedicated social media manager or even a digital marketing team to keep tabs on […]