Albert Eckel

Founder / Partner

Getting the Most Out of Your Interns

As school begins, here at Eckel & Vaughan we are eagerly preparing for our fall 2017 interns to arrive. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy in developing an internship program that is meaningful, thoughtful, and beneficial for both interns and our employees. Here are the top seven lessons we’ve learned along the way. […]

In Good Company

Daisy King interned at Eckel & Vaughan during the summer of 2017.  Eckel & Vaughan was recently named one of Triangle Business Journal’s 2017 Best Places to Work, and I couldn’t agree more. There is a distinct culture of passionate, visionary, Diet Coke-loving, forward thinkers that make this workplace so unique. Here are the top […]

The Art of Listening

Leighann Robinson is a senior at NC State University and an Intern at Eckel & Vaughan. Alert: I realize this is a cliché reminder to stop talking and start listening. But good lessons are worth hearing over and over. Robert Solomon, an expert in account management and client service, reinforces this idea in his book The […]

Hire Me

Hire Me Please? Tips for landing your dream job.

Rebecca Ashland is a senior at Elon University and a social media intern at Eckel & Vaughan. You’ve survived the internships. You’ve perfected your résumé and cover letter. You’ve gained valuable skills and experience. But, after applying to countless job postings, you still haven’t scored an interview. Don’t panic. Here are some suggestions to help […]

Confessions of an Intern Manager

Hey potential interns — I’m judging you. From the minute I look at a résumé, through the phone and in-person interviews, I am constantly judging our intern candidates. It’s not the Mean Girls, look-you-up-and-down type of judging. I’m judging the way you present yourself, how well you are able to communicate with me and how […]