Why Your Favorite Brands Are Creeping onto Your Facebook

Brenna Bunch is a rising senior at NC State University and a digital marketing associate at Eckel & Vaughan. As technology continues to evolve and social media continues to serve as a primary form of communication, brands are going back to the drawing board in their efforts to reach target markets. Their primary focus? To […]

Hats Off to Arby’s for Twitter Win on Grammy Night

Want to know what I don’t usually associate with the Grammys? Arby’s. Want to know what I now associate with the 2014 Grammys? Arby’s. Here’s why. Singer and rapper Pharrell wore a hat to this year’s Grammy Awards. The hat was quite the topic of conversation on social media, even earning its own Twitter account […]

Brands Embrace the Bromance on Twitter

Humor me for a second. We all know about the “bromance,” right? Think Adam and Blake, Justin and Jay-Z, George and Brad. Well, I want to discuss the viral version of this sensation that I have seen taking over Twitter. I bring you the “comance.” Get it? Like romance, but with companies. Like I said […]

Social Media Bowl

For even the biggest sports fan, the Super Bowl is about more than a football game. It’s about the parties, the halftime show and, you guessed it, the commercials. From the E-Trade baby to the Joe Montana stain, the goal of these commercials is to get people talking. And this year more than ever, the […]