Campbell's Made For Real, Real Life

Campbell’s Reminds Us How To Truly Feel Full

This is going to sound melodramatic, but bear with me. What is real life anymore? Pinterest makes me feel incompetent on the crafting and home décor fronts. According to Instagram, I’m not traveling to the nicest places, wearing the trendiest clothes, or eating the best food. In today’s over-filtered, over-documented, over-shared world, it’s hard to […]

Why Your Favorite Brands Are Creeping onto Your Facebook

Brenna Bunch is a rising senior at NC State University and a digital marketing associate at Eckel & Vaughan. As technology continues to evolve and social media continues to serve as a primary form of communication, brands are going back to the drawing board in their efforts to reach target markets. Their primary focus? To […]


New Updates Crown Pinterest King of E-commerce

I don’t often like to mix work and play; but lately Pinterest has been making that difficult. While Pinterest has always been my go-to site for wedding planning, recipe discovery, and home decorating inspiration, it has recently risen to new heights in its power as an e-commerce marketing engine. This visual-based social powerhouse touts over […]

Social Media Superlatives

2014 has been a year of Internet milestones. So far this year, the World Wide Web turned 25, Facebook celebrated its 10th anniversary and Twitter turned 8. This calls for a party … or at least it gives me an excuse to pretend I’m qualified to hand out social media superlatives to celebrate how far […]

How To: Pinterest Pin & Win Contest

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you know that Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm. The photo/idea/product-sharing platform has vaulted into the third most visited social media channel. And this has millions of entrepreneurs and marketers wondering — how can I take advantage of business opportunities […]