Ginny Wethington

C-Span’s biggest fan. One match campfire queen. Hygge enthusiast.

As an account manager, Ginny serves her clients by executing integrated communications plans that utilize her public relations, social media, and public affairs skills. She brings her “see a need, fill a need” mentality to client work and strives to help them say something worth talking about.

Ginny graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor’s degree in international studies, focused on U.S. foreign policy and Islamic studies, and a minor in public relations. She also earned a master’s degree in media and communication with an emphasis in strategic communication from the University of North Carolina Hussman School of Journalism and Media. Ginny focused her graduate school research on political communication and wrote her thesis on southern political messaging strategies.

Before joining the team at E&V, Ginny worked as a freelance communication consultant and copywriter for organizations in the Triangle. In early 2020, she volunteered as the communications chair for a philanthropic event hosted by a local women’s organization. The campaign benefitted underserved children across North Carolina by donating and distributing 20,000 books.

In her free time, Ginny enjoys attempting nostalgic recipes, listening to audiobooks, and playing with her dog, Gertrude.