The Emily Post of Social Media

Say “please” and “thank you,” “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir.” Keep your elbows off the table, and chew with your mouth closed.

We learned these standard rules of etiquette as children, and they are now (hopefully) ingrained into our lives. As we’ve experienced new things, we’ve learned the etiquette that goes along with them — small fork for salad, stand up and let the elderly lady have your seat on the bus, etc.

And now, it’s time for a lesson in a new kind of etiquette — the social media kind.

Saying thank you still applies.

In the social media world, a retweet or Facebook share is the highest form of flattery. So say thanks! You have no idea how far a short reply will go toward creating a healthy and lasting virtual relationship. Oftentimes, that “thanks” is enough reinforcement for the retweeter or sharer to continue to promote your content.

Don’t be a robot.

In the same vein as our first rule, you don’t want to get into the habit of just saying “thanks.” Radian6 is great at making their “thank yous” personal. Seeing the same response over and over can be off-putting to followers. Keep things personal and you will generate more engagement.

Give credit where credit is due.

When sharing an article, be sure to mention the source. This is as simple as including “via @handle” at the end of a tweet or tagging the company in your Facebook post. This is a show of goodwill to the publishing site and will make them more likely to thank you — a win-win!

Respond promptly.

With social media becoming a customer service forum, timeliness is crucial. Not only will responding to these comments provide some insight to your company, but responding promptly will also show your fans and followers that they — and their concerns — are important to you and your brand.

Don’t be self-centered.

There is no faster way to deplete your online followings than to spend all day talking about yourself. Promoting yourself is fine, but it needs to be mixed in with external content. Constantly asking your followers for retweets or likes or only posting your original content are sure-fire ways to turn off followers and shrink your network.

You may not think that etiquette matters online, but following these simple rules will keep you engaged with and in the good graces of your networks.

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