The Power of Feel-Good Marketing

It seems like marketing these days is all about being the most outlandish, most snarky, most provocative, most hilarious, or most absurd. Take Kia’s dancing hamsters and the Old Spice moms, for example.

Amidst this marketing madness, Dove’s campaigns rise above the noise. Whether it’s the simplicity of their ads, their focus on real beauty, or the “feel-good” nature of their messaging, their advertising is always on point. And not only is it on point — it’s effective.

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches video received more than 114 million views on YouTube and became the most viral video ad of all time.

The latest installment of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign focuses on the “Beauty Patch.” Check out the video below.

In these ads, Dove isn’t focused on selling their products or increasing their ROI. They’re defying conventional wisdom about advertising by telling people that they DON’T need their products to feel beautiful.

You won’t see these subjects using Dove body wash or deodorant. They don’t feel beautiful because they’ve washed their hair with Dove shampoo. Dove is selling more than a product. They’re selling a feeling, an emotion.

In my opinion, Dove is gaining more than dollars. They’re gaining respect. They’re gaining admiration. They’re gaining gratitude. And they’re forming a much deeper connection with viewers and potential customers.

Dove has learned that being thought-provoking is not the same as being provocative and that poignancy still has a place in today’s advertising landscape.

Kudos to you, Dove. Keep up the great and important work.

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