Time for a turn.

We’ve enjoyed sharing our curated content of wit, wisdom and inspiration that has helped us—and hopefully you, too—cope over the past few weeks. But it’s time to look ahead. And as our country begins going back to work, it’s time to start focusing on planning for the change that’s ahead of us and the organizations we represent.

There are five primary areas of focus we encourage you to plan for: messaging, internal communications, external communications, stakeholder engagement and corporate social responsibility. Every brand and organization in the world can and should develop a new plan for each of these concerns.

We start today by sharing an article from the Harvard Business Review on the wisdom in word choice. A Forbes piece reminds us of how even today, virtual workers need a morale boost. In a Fast Company piece, we learn about a new concept: Smart Generosity. We are presented three important leadership messages in a piece from HealthLeaders. And finally, we close with the lead story from last Sunday’s 60 Minutes. I am stunned at the creativity and ingenuity on display in corporate and small business America right now. It’s inspiring, and this piece from Norah O’Donnell proves the point.

So, let’s get to work.

-Harris Vaughan

1  Choosing Wisely

Words have an impact, and all the more so during and following a crisis. Choosing the right thing to say is absolutely critical as we navigate this uncharted territory. Article by Carmine Gallo.

2 Morale Boost

After working at home for weeks, we may begin to feel isolated, lonely and unmotivated. Forbes explains how business leaders can communicate with their employees to boost morale and prevent burnout. Shared by Haley Gardner. Article by Johnny Warström.

3 Smart Generosity

The ongoing crisis is forcing companies to reexamine what working with purpose means to them. For many, that entails putting stakeholder engagement ahead of short-term profits. Article by Carol Cone and Kristen Kenney.

4  Stepping Up

Especially during the pandemic, developing external messaging can be daunting. HealthLeaders illustrates how the first step is understanding the moment. Article by Jim Molpus.

5 Positioned to Help

Few industries capture the spirit of American innovation quite like the nation’s automakers do. And in the current time of need, Ford and GM are stepping up to the plate. Article by Keith Zubrow. Shared by yours truly.