Building a Volunteer Staff for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

The Challenge

Eckel & Vaughan was brought in on the 143rd build of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition by the builder himself. We handled all the communication on a state and regional level, created a network of support staff and volunteers — from scratch — to assist with all phases of the build. We also assembled a core team of 22 communications professionals with skill sets ranging from photography to community outreach and public relations to social media expertise.

The Strategy

For an entire week, we kept the volunteers and supplies coming so that the builders, carpenters and skilled laborers could keep working. We rallied community volunteers to supply cold drinks on the long, hot days, bring coffee at night, and hand out meals and snacks. We even sourced places for the workers to sleep when they needed rest.

The Outcome

The house we built was in Jamestown, NC. It was built for Jeff Cooper, a decorated veteran who has Gulf War Syndrome, a disease with ALS-type symptoms. As we were identifying volunteers, we looked for “heroes to help a hero.” Click here to see the story about the family, the project and the joy of this incredible undertaking.

Eckel & Vaughan were absolutely amazing. Whatever we needed, they were able to supply quickly and efficiently. They created an all-volunteer communications support system completely from scratch. I wish I had this kind of support for every build we do!
- Diane Korman Producer, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition