Harris Vaughan


Everyone Deserves to Be Understood

At the beginning of this year, our team kept with tradition and spent a day reflecting on our work together during the past year. And as in years past, we also considered our future. This time, we looked well past a mere 12 months. We considered what we wanted to be and look like ten […]

Poli-Comm Predictions

Surely, I’m not the only one who wishes we had more time before the inevitable onslaught of political ads ahead of us. It feels like we’ve been in a constant state of poli-comm overload since 2016. Can you remember a time when politics didn’t command a news cycle? As we near the primaries and eventual […]

Conquering the “Second-Night Slump”: How to Avoid Career Burnout

Opening night in the theatre is equivalent to the rookie season of the #1 draft-pick athlete—an accumulation of nerves and anticipation that makes for an adrenaline-filled performance. However, the dreaded “sophomore slump” that plagues the hearts of devoted sports fans is also paralleled in the arts, with the curse known as the “second-night slump.” The […]

TikTok: A Guide for PR Professionals

Curating content, targeted advertising, and interacting with audiences through social media have become fundamental parts of the public relations field. Social media can be conversational, entertaining, humorous, or even educational. It’s a place for businesses and brands to share thought leadership, show their human side, and connect directly with their audiences. Since they’ve been around […]

Harris Vaughan


A Lesson in How to Finish in Defeat Repeats Itself

Much is being said today about the postgame handshake between college football giants Nick Saban and Kirby Smart. And rightly so. Coach Saban, once Kirby Smart’s teacher of the game, was obviously disappointed in Alabama’s loss but proud that his student, now Head Coach Smart, found a way to earn his first national title. And […]

Albert Eckel

Founder / Partner

Unplug This Holiday Season in an Always-On World

Have you ever noticed how specific Amazon, Facebook and Google purchasing suggestions can get? For example, the other day, I was joking in a group text about going off the grid and living in a yurt, so I shared a photo from Google Images of our vision—a glamorous camping tent. I opened my Amazon account […]

Emily Brown

Senior Account Specialist

Why Making Your Voice Heard Is More Important Than Ever Before

In early October, Gallup released data revealing that Americans’ trust in the media to report the news accurately and fairly hit its second-lowest point on record. This year, a mere 36 percent of Americans voiced confidence in the media, down four points from 2020. Gallup’s research on the subject reaches back to 1972, when about […]

Lauren Long

Account Specialist

Feeds Filled with Dinner Table Discussions?

We’ve all been there. Sitting at the dinner table on Thanksgiving when someone broaches one of the proclaimed off-limit topics: politics, religion, or money. The room falls quiet until two cousins begin to hurl angry and heavily biased opinions at each other across the sweet potato casserole. This type of dialogue doesn’t only pollute holidays, […]

When Breaking the Rules is a Good Thing

If a friend approached you and said, “We’re considering making our brand the centerpiece of a fatal accident in an upcoming movie,” what advice would you give? Mine, possibly much like yours, would be a strong no. But for a team of FedEx marketers, it was a yes, and that yes turned out to be […]

Merging the Work/Life Divide

As a woman in her 20s, on the generational cusp between Millennials and Gen Z, I’ve been developing my professional work ethic since applying for a work permit at the age of 15. I’ve been fortunate that my older, wiser (and sometimes stubborn family members) taught me the key to a sustainable career is to […]