Matt Ferraguto

Client Services Director

The Art of the Informational Interview: Ten Commandments for Job Seekers in 2017

I originally wrote this blog post shortly after completing my own job search in 2011. Based on some great feedback I received and some recent informational interviews I’ve done, I decided to update the tips for 2017.  You graduated from college. You polished up your résumé (and shoes) and check the want ads every morning. So […]

Amy McLeod

Account Manager

Confessions of an Intern Manager

Hey potential interns — I’m judging you. From the minute I look at a résumé, through the phone and in-person interviews, I am constantly judging our intern candidates. It’s not the Mean Girls, look-you-up-and-down type of judging. I’m judging the way you present yourself, how well you are able to communicate with me and how […]