Albert Eckel

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Let’s Give Thanks: America Isn’t Quite As Partisan As You Think It Is

The long-awaited political event of the year has passed. You can almost hear America let out a sigh of relief. We get to enjoy our daily lives again without being bombarded by political ads. But not too fast—we’d be remiss if we don’t address the elephant in the room. Political ads may have stopped, but […]

Four Things Worth Talking About in “Truth Decay”

These days, it’s impossible to turn on the television, scroll through your news feed, or talk with your neighbor without topics like “fake news” and America’s deep political divide coming into play. This month, the RAND Corporation released a study that explored both of these issues: “Truth Decay.” It’s a timely report that details Americans’ […]

Donald Trump Running for President

What Marketers Can Learn From Donald Trump

When I heard that Donald Trump had entered the 2016 presidential race, I laughed. When Trump’s poll numbers began steadily climbing and ultimately dominated his competitors, I cringed. When I watched him during the first two Republican debates, it was with my hands covering my eyes. Trump may have defied the predictions of political experts […]

Online Fallout from the First Presidential Debate

If you watched the 2012 Presidential Debate earlier this week between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, you know it was one for the ages. President Obama appeared to be off his game, Governor Romney and Jim Lehrer competed for the role of moderator and even Big Bird got caught up in the fray. […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Presidential Candidates on Social Media

Politicians may have been slow to embrace social media, but a strong social media presence has quickly become a necessity for any major campaign. Just like any other brand, candidates are susceptible to the pitfalls that exist within the digital world. So who’s doing it right and who’s coming up short? Let’s take a look. […]