Hannah Davis

Tar Heel. Gummy Bear Snob. Agatha Christie Superfan.

Greensboro native Hannah Davis strives to bring authenticity and accessibility to storytelling—no matter the platform. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, Hannah worked with both state government agencies and national retail companies to tell their unique stories in engaging ways across print and digital platforms.

Passionate about exploring communication in all forms, Hannah also spent time as a school sign language interpreter and special education teacher. Her work with students with disabilities solidified a commitment to uplifting diverse voices and finding creative solutions to ensure everyone is included in the conversation.

Outside of the office, Hannah is an enthusiastic bread maker, podcast aficionado, and bookworm. A proud Auntie, Hannah can usually be found FaceTiming with her niece and nephew, sharing photos of them, or planning her next trip to visit them in Alabama.

Hannah Davis

Account Manager